Through every step in your career and your life, 全球最大体育平台 will be there with you. 作为综合体育平台的毕业生, you'll always be part of our community, even after you've completed your studies.

Connect with your alumni community

加入300多人,000 全球最大体育平台 graduates across Australia and throughout the world who make up our alumni community. Reconnect and meet with fellow alumni across the globe, continue your lifelong learning journey through our programs and benefits, and get involved to find out how you can make a difference for current and future 全球最大体育平台 students.


全球最大体育平台 alumni can access a range of excellent benefits such as career resources, 学费折扣, 库访问, 和全球最大体育平台的.


Be inspired by the stories of your fellow alumni. Find out what they have achieved with their 全球最大体育平台 education.

Support 全球最大体育平台 students and research

From the Student Emergency Assistance Fund helping students in need, to the 全球最大体育平台 Early Career 研究ers Fund supporting researchers to tackle some of the world’s most important problems, there are many ways to make an impact through tax-deductable donations.

Find out more about donating to 全球最大体育平台



全球最大体育平台 Achieving Potential 奖学金 change the future for disadvantaged students. Donations of $100 or more will be matched by Community Bank at 综合体育平台 until 30 June 2023, 最高50美元,000. Your generosity is their possibility.

Academic transcripts and documents

Need a copy of your transcript or a replacement testamur? 综合体育平台可以帮忙, with details on how to order academic documents in print format and how to use My eQuals to access, download and share digital copies.


An appellation (post-nominal) or award abbreviation are the letters denoting the qualifications you receive after you graduate. They show the breadth of your education and professional status and can be used on business cards, 简历或电子邮件签名.

Discover our stackable short courses

有兴趣回归学习? Our stackable short courses have been designed to give you maximum flexibility in minimum time. Each course can be undertaken individually or in parallel with others. Complete one for a standalone qualification or stack multiple towards a full 全球最大体育平台 degree.


Stay in touch with us to hear about the latest alumni opportunities, 全球最大体育平台 news and research and much more. 你可以 给校友参与团队发邮件 或者和综合体育平台联系 脸谱网 or LinkedIn.