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Shake up your business as usual and position yourself to transform the workforce of the future. Our research community will help you unlock a work of opportunity, connect you with industry, and encourage you to pursue creative and innovative approaches to your research. Through-out your degree you’ll receive guidance from some of the world’s leading researchers and benefit from access to world-class facilities so you’re ready to step into your extraordinary future.

Amrita Kamath

Amrita Kamath is passionate about science. That’s why, through her PhD she’s researching ways that science can be made more engaging and interesting for students.

Arun Kumar A V

Arun Kumar A V is driven to help solve humanity’s biggest threats. How is his PhD research doing just that? He says it’s about thinking up ways for AI and humans to effectively collaborate.

Environmental Science

Making a career switch from cosmetics to biodiversity conservation, PhD candidate Anne is working with new technologies to improve ecological knowledge about wildlife and engage society with nature.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

On a journey to supercharge his career, PhD candidate Tran is helping computers understand humans to make the world safer.

Biomedical Engineering

With industry experience as a research engineer Dr Bipasha Kashyap is using human speech algorithms to identify the presence and severity of Cerebellar Ataxia to improve health outcomes.

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Frontier Materials

Set to ‘supercharge’ her career, PhD candidate Karolina is following her passion for materials science and developing internationally recognised green battery storage technology.

Exercise Science

From the footy oval to the sleep lab, Olivia's PhD journey involves helping female athletes get the most out of their bodies.


PhD candidate April is progressing how we understand and better support male-identifying survivors of sexual assault.

Dr Felicity Bigelow

During her PhD with 全球最大体育平台, PhD graduate Felicity took on an industry placement, ultimately leading to a career with a world-leading neuro-marketing company.

Professor Peter Enticott

全球最大体育平台 PhD Supervisor Professor Peter Enticott explains how he supported PhD candidate Felicity to connect with industry and why placements can supercharge your research degree.

Public Health Nutrition

Firsthand experience in the dietetics industry inspired Christina to supercharge her career with a PhD.

Military Sociology

Studying a PhD at 全球最大体育平台 helped Cate to expand her skill base and become a course designer in the Centre for Defence Leadership and Ethics at the Australian Defence College.

Public Art

Studying a PhD at 全球最大体育平台 helped Fiona draw on her career as an artist, exploring how immersive art in public spaces can engage audiences with urgent issues such as climate change.

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