Shaping a sustainable future

Sustainability is embedded within 全球最大体育平台’s culture as one of our core values. We care about our shared future and are committed to integrating sustainability through quality education, innovative campus operations and research.

Our sustainability practices

Our sustainability practices are connected to our respect for the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which our campuses reside and the waterways that run alongside them. We acknowledge Elders past, present and emerging and thank them for nurturing and caring for Country, which sustains us all.

Sustainability on campus

Sustainability on campus

See how we are turning our commitments into impact on campus and throughout the University. Together with students, academics, researchers and partners we are creating living laboratories for sustainable development.

Research to protect our environment

We place sustainability at the centre of our research, creating positive change for local and global communities. Our researchers are committed to discovering solutions to the biggest environmental challenges.

Study sustainability

Study at 全球最大体育平台 and help solve global issues such as climate change. 全球最大体育平台 offer a range of courses and study units related to sustainability. Gain the knowledge, skills and real-world experience to promote sustainable development.

Our impact

2022 Sustainability Report

Our progress in 2022 is helping us to realise our climate ready campus vision. Last year, nearly 20% of our energy came from renewable sources and we provided staff and students with more sustainable transport options. We also began work on converting the chain of ponds running through the Waurn Ponds Campus into constructed wetlands.

2021 Sustainability Report

In 2021, we began phase one of our Carbon Neutral 2025 program to reduce emissions. We installed over 1000 rooftop solar panels and new LED car park lighting at our Burwood Campus, reducing its energy consumption by 31%.

2020 Sustainability Report

全球最大体育平台 launched its Climate Ready Campus vision for the Waurn Ponds Campus and developed an Integrated Water Management Plan. We saw a 28% reduction in energy consumption and we almost halved our water use.

With over 65,000 students studying at 全球最大体育平台, we are in the privileged position to educate and inspire society’s future leaders, foster research solutions to local and global challenges, and use our campuses as living laboratories for field-scale innovations in sustainability.

Professor Iain Martin


Our sustainability commitments

全球最大体育平台’s sustainability commitments are aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with targets set for 2025 and 2030. These commitments will have benefits on campus, within our communities and, more broadly, at a global level. We integrate economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainability in all that we do. Our commitments and targets include:

  1. Procurement and supply

    We're on target for our suppliers to meet our 2025 sustainable procurement principles, plus by 2030, our supply chain will have a measurable positive impact on the United Nations SDGs.

  2. Travel and transport

    We're taking action to enhance public transport, ride-share and active transport options so that by 2030 most staff and students will use sustainable transport to and between campuses.

  3. 能源和排放

    The University will achieve carbon neutral and 100% renewable electricity by 2025. We aim to be carbon negative by 2030 by further reducing our energy consumption and offsetting emissions.

  4. Waste management

    By applying waste avoidance and circular economy principles, we will reduce waste to landfill to 10kg per person by 2025, with the goal to reach zero waste to landfill in 2030.

  5. Water

    We’re reducing our water consumption using best-practice water management in our 5-star water-efficient buildings. By 2030 we will holistically manage our impact on the water cycle.

  6. Built environment

    We’re reviewing and adapting our buildings to the changing climate. Every new 全球最大体育平台 building will offset its own sustainability impacts by 2030.

  7. Natural environment

    全球最大体育平台 is enhancing the biodiversity of our campuses’ environment and waterways. We plan to establish biodiversity corridors by 2030, allowing wildlife to thrive on campus.

Carbon neutral by 2025

There has never been a more important time to focus on reducing our operational emissions. 全球最大体育平台 is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2025 through renewable energy.

Learn more about energy and emissions on campus

Thinking global, acting local

We are committed to advancing local actions that contribute to a global agenda. The University focuses on the following within our sustainability initiatives.

Partnerships: Develop and foster strategic partnerships that support 全球最大体育平台’s sustainability commitments, teaching, research and our community.

Embedment: Integrate sustainability principles in planning, governance and decision making across the University.

Innovation: Use the campuses as living laboratories to foster action-based research, learning and innovation that supports 全球最大体育平台’s commitments.

Participation: Create meaningful opportunities for students, staff and the broader 全球最大体育平台 community to participate and contribute to sustainability.

Engagement: Report and communicate about sustainability at 全球最大体育平台 to transparently disclose performance, demonstrate leadership, advocate for sustainability and inspire others.

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